A Pristine Environment

Most areas of the world aren’t quite as pristine as the hi lands. If you take a look at this list of the most polluted cities in the world for example, you’ll see how just bad the problem can be.

But its not just about pollution. Much of this world is also rife with poor infrastructure and high levels of crime and danger. Even in the United States – the supposed beacon of freedom and peace – you’ll find plenty of crime and violence.

Poor infrastructure is major problem as well. Take a look at this list of the most dangerous roads in the world for example. You can even end up with a whole bunch of ridiculous laws on the books even in the most advanced legal system.

Of course, that’s completely leaving out the numerous wars that are ravaging certain parts of our world. Syria for example is undergoing extreme carnage and has been for 2 years. Of course, the war still rages on in Afghanistan, and much of Africa is embroiled in conflict.

When you start exploring the world, you’ll find things that leave you in awe, but you’ll also find things that leave you shaking your head, grateful for where you are right now.

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