5 Reasons To Make Your Next Trip An Escape Back To Nature

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Photo Michael Tapp / CC BY 

Vacations from the day-to-day grind are a must to regain enthusiasium and purpose on the job and in life. Taking some time off from the stress of a job, or the responsibility of raising children can reinvigorate a person enabling them to take on the world again.

Getting out in the great outdoors and disconnecting from the world at large can do wonders for an individuals health. Constant amounts of stress over time can damage the brains ability to learn and remember due to the constant amounts of cortisol and adrenaline being released into the system. For women, stress can interfere with the reproductive cycle and also cause harm to a developing baby. Stress is also a cause of bowel issues such as IBS or irritable bowel syndronm as well as compromising the immune system.

Sitting for long periods of time also has associated health risks. Those who sit in front of a computer all day run the increased risk of cardiovascular disease and just plain old back problems. Getting up from the couch and taking a walk, or taking breaks from the computer during the day to take a walk around the building will go a long way towards offsetting the health risks.

Children are just as likely to experience stress as their parents. With the extensive curriculums followed by most schools along with added homework, a child needs to relieve their daily stress too. What better way than to give them the great outdoors to run around in? Make it a technology free vacation, with no cell phones or texting or Facebook. Try a few nature escapes such as:

  1. Take a day trip to the zoo – While we don’t all have the time or money to travel, going to the zoo gives us the opportunity to see animals we might not otherwise get the chance to. Just being able to laugh together at koalas playing, or learn something new while studying the cheetahs allows the walls to come down and the fun to begin.
  2. Go camping – Children love to camp in the outdoors. Camping allows everyone to work at setting up the campsite which gives a feeling of group accomplishment. Since there is usually no electricity to be found it gives a family a chance to talk and reconnect with each other.
  3. Go for a hike – If time is a concern, a day spent hiking may be your call to nature. A small backpack with food, water and a first aid kit is all you need for a relaxing day of walking the trails.
  4. Visit a national monument – There are national monuments and parks all over the United States, usually within driving distance. Visiting one of our national monuments will not only give you some vacation time but also allows the opportunity to learn about our nations history. Some of the national parks have lodges for visitors to stay overnight and some of them have camp sites for the more adventurous.
  5. Travel to a foreign country – It can be costly, but will also be one of the experiences you will never forget. Travel to a foreign country will get a person out of their comfort zone. You will need to learn at least some of the language and be open to new, exciting experiences. Visiting a new country together will create a family bond like no other vacation can.

Nature is calling and it’s for our benefit that we take that call. Being in the great outdoors will relieve stress along with other health benefits. If you vacation with your family it will create new memories and bonds within your family. Getting out into natures beauty is one of the healthiest things a human can do for themselves.

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